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Welcome to Indoor Plant Therapy Design, Style and Inspiration section – here we look at how to style & design your indoor plant display. From stylish pots, plant holders and stands to amazing wall displays that will surely inspire you with your own indoor plant design & styling. We hope to bring you fresh ideas from all around the world so you live in a greener, healthier space. 

We also look forward to bringing you interviews with authors, blog writers and experts who bring inspiration to your plant world. 

Indoor Plant Wall Displays & Stands

Plant stands

Plant Stands

When it comes to displaying your plants, there are a lot of options! And I mean, seriously a lot of options. From your Kmart, Bunnings or Ikea plant stands (which are quite fantastic to brighten up a corner or empty space, often at an affordable price), there are hanging pots, wooden or metal plant stands, tiered or flat, stands that fit in the corner, plant stands made of rattan or bamboo. We are very lucky to have so many options at our finger tips. 

We hope you find some inspiration in the range of plant displays covered below inspiring and over time we will add to this collection. 

Tailored vertical garden

Creating a green wall to have an abundance of indoor plants can add a wonderful aesthetic to your home. When we created this beautiful wall in our new living space it was designed for a specific type of plant. Read more about how my husband and I created this wall display and it’s original intention!

Indoor Plant vertical wall inspiration
Vertical Garden Australia specialists

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens Australia clearly have an amazing wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things wall gardens! Their motto is ‘Creating life to any space’ and they really do. I love what they create and how they go about it. We all know how much plants can impact a space and they really add a quality that makes a house more of a home. They also do commercial spaces which are pretty darn impressive. We recommend you check them out. 

Amazing Hexagonal Wall Display

Okay, so if I had my time again I would probably recreate my indoor wall with this really cool system from Horticus! I love the simplicity of this wall display. You can design it anyway you like and also to fit in the space you have available. I personally love how there are some gaps left empty to show off the shapes of the pot holders but if you wanted to fill it completely you could! 

Hexagonal Horticus Living Wall
Hanging planters perfect for office plant display

Vertical garden planter

This hanging planter display is a super easy one for the office or even in a smaller version for a bedroom or living space at home. I can also picture a smaller version for a lovely sunny kitchen window spot! Perhaps even filled with herbs so you can easily pick them when you need them. Okay cue a post about growing herbs inside for those who live in smaller apartments or units with limited outdoor space!

Stunning metal plant trellis vertical garden for indoor plants

This is exactly what we need in our bathroom where we have multiple plants going nuts over the shelving and hanging down onto the floors! 

Designed by French Designer Frederick Malphettes it comes in a couple of different colours and sizes. We love how you can encourage your plants to trail across and up or down the trellis. You could even have multiple plants to mix it up and have a variety of leaves and for a true abundance of greenery and the perfect greenwall!

Indoor Metal plant trellis wall display

Do you have a unique plant display system or set up that our readers would love to see & hear about? Message us to arrange an interview & to showcase  it here on Indoor Plant Therapy.

plant stand

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