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Important tips to grow a stunning Monstera

All about the monstera plant

All about the Monstera Deliciosa

What I wish I knew about Monsteras

We currently have 5 Monstera’s in our house! I have to say I am a fan of them because as a child we always had them in the house and in particular my mother grew a really big on that took over the entrance area (but it looked fantastic and there was the room so she let it grow!). So as I entered home ownership I really wish I knew a few more things about Monstera’s as I probably would have had more success and kept persisting with them. Don’t let me mislead you, they are a relatively easy plant – I just didn’t give my plants much love back then! I loved the look of them but ‘you mean I have to water and care for my indoor plants???!’. Yeah bit sad really but you know it was a season I was in and I was more interested in my career and then having kids.

So onto the Monsteras. Let me tell you a bit more about them…

Firstly – they are also known as Fruit Salad Plant, Swiss Cheese Plant, or split leaf.

Monstera deliciosa, common indoor plant, all you need to know

What do I love about the Monstera plant?

Monsteras are the perfect large indoor plant, quite common and they add that green element to your house – making them perfect living room plants. They can take up a fair bit of space if you let them, but that’s also a part of their appeal. I love their deep green shiny leaves and if you have the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ variety, they oooze charm with their holey leaves and characteristic ribbons. They really create a lovely tropical effect to a room with their lovely big leaves.

Is Monstera a good indoor plant?

Yes, the thing I love about Monsteras is their adaptability factor. Ideally they like partial shade outside and preferable tropical, however, indoors they are happy to adapt and grow in most climates. They do grow best with bright, indirect light to thrive but also adapt to low light areas too. The leaves may be smaller in low light areas. It is also recommended that they are positioned where the temperature won’t drop significantly which can prompt leaf drop.

Does a Monstera need sun or shade?

It is ideal to have your monstera in a shady spot, out of direct sun. They are naturally climbers and thus do well under a patio or shaded part of the garden. They will cope in full sun if they have been conditioned to it but if moved from shade to full sun they will burn. Indoors they love a lot of indirect light but also cope in a darker room. Too little light will cause the leaf stalks to become elongated and often the leaves will have no perforations.

Monstera deliciosa all you need to know

Feeding, Watering & Temperature for Monstera

Monsteras love a good soak but it’s best to let them dry out between watering. Overwatering will cause yellowing of the leaves and the edges to brown (eek guilty of this!). And being the perfectionist I am, I love a clean leaf with no brown edges, so it’s rather annoying to have brown edges on my monstera.

Feed your monstera every month during spring and summer with a commercial soluble plant food.

When it comes to temperature, normal room temperatures are suitable. During summer, when temperatures are high, mist spray the plant with water.

One other thing due to their large leaf size, they do tend to collect dust easily, so remember to occasionally wipe the leaves down. I usually do it when I’m on a dusting mission! Your monstera will love you for it as well helping it to breathe better.

Monstera Deliciosa

  • Scientific name: Monstera Deliciosa
  • Also know as: Swiss cheese plant, Fruit salad, Split Leaf
  • Other Varieties: Monstera Delicisoa ‘Variegate’ – green leaves splashed with cream or white colourings
  • Soil Type: Acidic, neutral – most good potting soils will work, well drained
  • Mature Size: 1-4m
  • Difficulty level/ suitability: Beginner
  • Native Area: Central America
  • Toxicity: Toxic to humans, cats and dogs
indoor plant therapy plant ranking

Indoor Plant Therapy’s Love Rating for the Monstera

  • Looks – we love the big holey leaves and the large focal point they add to a room
  • Height – it varies from plant to plant but in the right place they are perfect in height
  • Maintenance – super easy to care for
  • Growth – not overly fast but they slowly fill the space!
  • Pest Issues -we haven’t had any so far (fingers crossed!)
  • Watering – quite easy and forgiving! They love a good soak.
  • Toxicity – do not let your furry friends chew them!

Overall, we love the monstera and understand why many homes have them.