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Great Vertical Gardens

Styling our house plants is our fun way to play with the look and feel of our home. We have pulled together some gorgeous indoor plant displays that will make your hanging pots look so 80’s (not that there’s anything wrong with the 80’s we grew up in it!)! Often with space at a premium as well as wall space, I mean you do have to have some family photos up on the walls, lol!

Vertical Garden Specialists

Vertical Garden Australia are specialists when it comes to amazing wall displays. They really take it to another level and this circular garden display is my favourite. They have an abundance of styles on their website but I am going to consider installing one of these on my Vic Ash timber wall in our patio area. No more hanging pots to bang your head on, only classy looking vertical garden displays!

Vertical Garden Australia specialists
Hexagonal Horticus Living Wall

Hexagonal Vertical Plant Garden

This is one of my favourite wall displays and I would seriously create space in a room to have this vertical garden! What I love most about this plant display system from Horticus, is that you can design it in anyway you like. For example, if you want it to be more vertical than horizontal, you can configure the hexagons to do so. Plus you can add more to grow the vertical garden. What I love is how they seem to nest so neatly into the hexgons and it’s uniform! While I am a fan of an eclectic mix of pots, I also love the consistency of this vertical garden!

Indoor Plant vertical wall inspiration

Vertical Indoor Garden

This is a great example of a vertical wall garden (that we actually created – yes this is my house!). Our original inspiration was to create a vertical wall garden for orchids (my other half is a massive orchid fan and grower), but the room captured less light than we anticipated so instead it has become a green wall to display a myriad of common indoor plants such as zanzibar gem (zz plant), peace lily, pothos (devils ivy), monsterra, fiddle leaf fig, philadendron, dragon tail plant – just to name a few! We have found the timber shelves are perfect for trailing or hanging plants.

Hanging Pot Plants

We loved the simplicity of this indoor hanging pot plant display. This turns a bleak and boring wall into a wall with character and life, perfect for an office or even as a ‘wall’ as office breaks. Or as you can see from this image, it is being used in a cafe.

This could also be a wonderful way to grow herbs indoors on your window sill (albeit a much smaller version!).

Hanging planters perfect for office plant display

Indoor Metal Trailing Plant Trellis

I love the absolute simplicity of this metal plant trellis, allowing your indoor plants to trail over a wall adding colour and life to a plain wall. Perfect for the plant lover! Originally designed by French Designer, Frederick Malphettes it comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I’m yet to find this one in Australia but I am sure you can place an order directly.

Indoor Metal plant trellis wall display

Tell us about your indoor plant displays